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    Bulking 6 days a week
    Going from training 3 days a week to training 6 days a week allowed him to train every muscle group twice a week. When he moved his training program to the weekend every session consisted of 2-3 minutes of jogging and stretching to increase his power. This increased frequency resulted in an immediate improvement in his VO2 max and that, combined with the decrease in muscle soreness and the return to training volume, helped his progress tremendously, See more.

    The last time he did this program, after only 3 months of training I got to see a significant improvement in VO2 max and power and more importantly, an enormous increase in his lean body mass, bulking 6 days a week.

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    Author: Adam C, bulking 6 pack.

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    After all, a man with low T-levels is about as likely to grow a significant amount of lean muscle as a horse is to fly a plane. At least in my estimation, my two-thirds bodyweight bodybuilding contest with Mike is similar to that of a horse or a man, though I’ll have to agree with my bodybuilding friends who call me “Mr. Muscle” after this, bulking 6 month progress. (I’ll try to keep my name separate for my own sanity.)

    With all that said, let’s look at the data from my bench press, deadlift, and clean & jerk days from our own bench pressing data sheet (click the link to scroll through all five sessions):

    Total Reps – 25 + 20 + 15 + 10 + 5

    Press Reps – 12 + 8 + 6 + 4 + 2

    Shrugs Reps – 10 + 8 + 6 + 4 + 2

    Clean & Jerk Reps – 30

    Here it is in all its glory…

    And finally, here are the numbers from the bench press day, which was conducted on a Friday at around 3:15 pm…

    Total Reps – 125 + 120 + 120 + 50

    Press Reps – 25 x 8 + 10 + 8 + 8

    Shrugs Reps – 15 x 10 + 8 x 8 + 10 x 8

    Clean & Jerk Reps – 30

    If you are curious as to how my bodybuilders are doing, or anything regarding their strength level, you can also access data directly from my raw bench press data sheet:

    Total Reps – 185 + 165 + 170 + 200

    Press Reps – 125

    Shrugs Reps – 55

    Clean & Jerk Reps – 140

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